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"Passion Behind The Art" Show It's all about diving deep with epic creatives to learning the story behind their passion.

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    Shea O'Connor - Make Things Happen. | Passion Behind the Art 085

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    Björn Berglund - Patience Is Hard But Necessary For Building Something Great. | Passion Behind the Art 083

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    Cas Thompson - Serial Entrepreneur. Building An Empire with Integrity. | Passion Behind the Art 082

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    Mark Hirons - Belief and Action, The Winning Formula. | Passion Behind the Art 081

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    David Airey - Author of Logo Design Love. | Passion Behind the Art 080

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    Ben Stafford - The Power of Empathy and Community. | Passion Behind the Art 079

    Listen as this week I talk with Ben Stafford, we talk about his love for music, what's it like running a business with his wife and how empathy has had a big impact on his family.

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    Instagram & Twitter: @benstafford86
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